My Streamings

What is My Streamings

My Streamings is an online platform where you can watch all your matches, trainings and tournaments. Stream to different sources like YouTube and get your sponsors more visibility.

  • Promote your club
  • Get your sponsors more visibility
  • Share it in social media
  • Access all your videos
  • Stream to YouTube
  • Share your public profile

All in one platform

We will help your club to be more profitable

Live streaming

Live stream to YouTube in 1080p.


Get everything under control, give access to the club to whoever you want.


Get your sponsors more visibility, everybody will see your banners.

Video management

You can decide what to publish in your profile.


We will provide you with all you need to get it up and running. Then you can control everything from the control panel.

Club promotion

You can show your club to the world. Everybody can watch the best tournaments, matches or trainings.

Frequently asked questions

Just let us know where your club is based and we will send somebody to get everything set up for you, in less than one day your club will be up and running.

* Operator's transportation cost will be applied
Just contact us through WhatsApp or sending us an email, we will arrange a time slot with you and show you the whole platform.

To record a video you don't need a good internet, however you will need a good internet if you want to stream live to YouTube, the fastest the internet is, the better your My Streamings experience will be.

Contact us to help you out with this.

Add a price for every match/training/tournament recorded. Get more sponsors since they will be visible all the time in every single video.

Thinking about My Streamings for your club?